I frequently consult, speak, and facilitate discussions on issues I’m passionate about.

Past topics include:

Success in poverty alleviation

Education for underprivileged children

Fundamentals of community

Feminism for Boys

Non-profit and non-governmental administration

Celebrating diversity in the workplace

The value of shared dignity

India and India’s youth

Daughters of Destiny

Ajit George is featured in this Netflix Original Docuseries

"The mission of Shanti Bhavan is to get these children out of poverty. It is to break the fate that their parents have been trapped in."

Ajit George presents the first ever nebula Award for Game writing

“Whether it’s by allowing us to wrestle with the parts of ourselves we’re not entirely comfortable with, or imagining the world through different eyes, games transform us.”

Escaping Poverty

Ajit George on the Desi OUtsiders podcast

"When you have all these components of poverty it can create a gravity well that pulls a child back into poverty, even with a good education, even when they're working."


A Unique Approach to Disrupting Poverty

Ajit George Talks with the UN Dispatch

"On one hand we look like a school, but on a much more deep level we are working within the community very robustly. We have constant conversations with the families and the parents. We tell them, 'Hey, don't marry off your daughter at 15 and 16. Believe in her investment.'"

The Story of Shanti Bhavan

Ajit George discusses the new Netflix docuseries with the King5 team in Seattle

"Shanti Bhavan was designed to answer a couple of really key questions, and the first one was: where is a child five years after they finish the program?"


Ajit George at TEDx College of William & Mary

"Beyond money and education, dignity is the intangible key to living a better, happier life. It's an invaluable component for those trying to escape poverty, but it isn't just something that some people need; it's something we all need, and that we can all share."

The Shanti Bhavan Effect

Ajit George at Oliver Wyman

"It is destructive to tell a child, 'I will get you out of poverty. Believe in me, come into my program, I will get you out of poverty.' Then release them back into the villages and the slums that they came from and let them go."

From Untouchable to Unstoppable

Ajit George at TEDxUNC

"The goal of a successful non-profit education program is not education itself. Basic literacy is not an effective benchmark. It doesn't teach you to save money, end poverty or make you a leader."

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